Thursday, January 3, 2013

Don't Limit Yourself

For most teens, Winter Break from school means late nights with friends, sleeping in, tons of food, and screen time. It is a time to decompress from weeks of too much studying for school, sports activities and Holiday events.
Some teens have finals to study for in January and some have just received their semester grades. Some students now know their PSAT scores or are busy writing their college application essays. There is busy-ness in the pause vacation allows, and sometimes there is a HUGE bear on your shoulder helping you to avoid important tasks and deadlines you face on January 7th.
That sugar-induced monster called Procrastination is tricky, slippery, and easy to get stuck within.
Imbedded in the Monster’s seductive message of,
“Don’t worry, you have tons of time to get your paperprojectstudyguidecollegeessay done. You don’t need to work on it today…you can get it all done after New Year’s,”
is a whispering lie you believe is truth and tell yourself over and over subconsciously.
You say, “I am not good, I won’t succeed, I don’t care, It doesn’t matter, It’s boring, I don’t want to try because I might fail, It’s all good, No big deal.”
The amount of energy you can spend justifying why you are avoiding your responsibility could be used to actually accomplish the task you are choosing not to do 20 times over. You also know that it feels awful to put your work off…the guilt taints the fun you are attempting to have while avoiding the job you have to do.
And, more importantly, in Doing rather than Trying to Do or Thinking About Doing, you will experience your power more fully.
And POWER is what it is all about. Power is what we all came to this life to experience. Your Being just wants to feel Good inside, to feel Able and Worthy. No matter what, you and I and we are all Worthy, Able and Good. But we can’t FEEL Worthy until we accomplish what we set out to do.
Right now for most of you, what you have in front of you to do is schoolwork, sports, acting, singing, dancing, or your club activity or hobby. No matter what your work is, start to notice when you put it off, feel guilty about it, and then throw something together in the last possible moments. Realize that in those slippery, avoiding moments you are CHOOSING to be your smaller, limited Self.
Change it up this time, and CHOOSE to just get it done. Be amazed by how good that feels.
Blair Tyse
“I believe in you long enough for you to feel strong enough to start to believe in yourself.”

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