Monday, January 7, 2013

The Wisdom of Geese

Have you ever needed help with homework or at sports practice or with your friends?  Often times we struggle with different aspects of our lives, but don't want to ask for help; we don't want to impose on our friends or family or teachers.

Or we don't want to seem needy or weak.

Whatever the reason, our pride prevents us from seeking out the help we desperately need.  So we fail, or we make huge mistakes, or we hurt those that we care about.  All because we didn't ask for help.

But what if we behaved more like geese.  They work together to fly long distances, sharing the wind drag and flying, as a unit, 70% more efficiently than if they each flew alone.  The geese in the back of the V-formation honk encouragement to those shouldering more of the load in the front.  Two geese will follow an ailing geese down to the ground and stay with it until it recovers or dies, only then flying back to catch up with another flock or maybe find their own flock again.

We are meant to help each other, we are meant to share in each other's joys and sorrow, victories and hardships.  It is okay to shoulder our friend's worries.  It is okay to need a shoulder to cry on.

In admitting our failings or our weaknesses, we allow our friends or teammates to be there for us and for them to experience the joy of service.  In offering our help to friends or family, we get to feel our own Power and goodness as we help those we care about grow stronger and more confident.

The best part of admitting to ourselves, and to those that would help us, that we need assistance is that through the process we will only grow stronger, and thus will be able to offer our help to another.

It is a perfect system for creating really strong people in your circle or in your flock.  If we share in the work, we all grow stronger.

So next time you fall behind in class or are having a hard time at practice, ask a classmate or teammate to help you.

Be like the Geese!


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