Monday, January 21, 2013

I Have A Dream...

-- Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr

Today is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the life of a true visionary, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  He was bold enough to shout out his dreams for his future and ours and insist upon change through love rather than hate, to demand change through peace rather than war.

Pause long enough today to honor his words and let them work in your own life.  Dare to discover what you really want in your life, challenge yourself and allow creative genius to fill your senses.  You can't achieve your dreams unless you have taken the time to actually KNOW what they are.  You can't change your life to one worth living without a goal nor direction.

What is your dream?  

What in your life do you want to change?

If your dream feels silly, unreachable, difficult; if the thought of achieving your dream is scary, unreal, uncomfortable, BUT crazy exciting...then you are on the right track.  Our biggest successes come more freely when we are out of our comfort zone.  When we are on the edge of our seats, thrilled by the ride, our life journey will bear more fruit.

Living the life you dream about starts with having the courage to dream, and deciding to trust your inspiration.  If no one criticizes your life, then you are following the lifeless path dictated by what you fear.  Fear sounds practical, and honoring what you fear keeps you safe and small. 

Don't do only what you should what makes your heart sing!  Be the magnificent self who dares to do what you love and follow your dreams!

Thank you, Dr. King.  Today we challenge our selves to dream big dreams in your honor...

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