Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Terrible, Awful, Really Bad Day

  • Ever have one of those terrible days?

You know, when you wake up late, you're racing to finish that last bit of homework, and your binder falls off the desk and explodes on the ground.  Or you need to study a bit more for your Chemistry test, but you left your study guide in your friend's car.  Or you have to print out your essay to turn in for English and you are out of printer toner, or your computer lost the file.  

Then you try to get ready for school but your hair is a complete disaster or you spill cereal and milk on your clothes just as you are heading out the door to catch your carpool and your parents start in at you, and, UGH!, just won't stop talking!

Now there is a pit in your stomach of stress and irritation that you just can't seem to shake.

But the day is only beginning...

Your ride gets a flat tire or gets stuck in a snowbank and you are late for your Spanish mid-term 1st period or for PE class so you get a detention which will make you late for basketball practice so you will have to do extra suicides after practice so your ride will leave without you and your parents will have to pick you up at school and then they start TALKING at you and the TALKING just won't stop...


So how can you turn a TerribleAwfulReallyBadDay around?

Here are a few ways to restart your day:

1.  Write down Every Single Thing that is pissing you off at the moment.  A mental barf can help you relieve some of the pressure cooker you have boiling inside and help you get some perspective.

2.  Take a deep breath and think about something, anything, good that has happened ever in your life.  Distract yourself from what is bothering you by focusing on stuff that makes you feel good.  

3.  Remember the things you have done well.  Think about the home run you got the other day or the quiz you aced last week, or the debate you won two weekends ago, or the cool painting you finished last month.

4.  Go for a bike ride, run, hike, swim, lift weights, play music, beat on a drum, go outside and make noise with a wooden spoon on your Mom's pots and pans.  Moving your body and allowing your senses to 'play' is a great way to get out of whatever funk this bad day has given you.

5. Notice what is good around you: someone's smile, a beautiful view, a group of little kids playing and laughing, the beauty of geese flying in formation, the sound of birds outside your window, the myriad colors of this evening's sunset...

6.  Think of what is actually going right on this day and feel gratitude about the good stuff.

6.  Decide in the innermost part of your Self that it will all work out somehow,

and let go...

  • If you notice early on in your Terrible Day that your bad mood is making more stuff go can Change Your Mind and salvage the day.

  • Make feeling good your biggest, most important job in each moment and start watching miracles come your way!

Remember, you are Magnificent!


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