Saturday, January 12, 2013

Who Are You?

In each day we offer up many different versions of ourselves: the athlete, the student, the son or daughter, the part-time worker, the singer, the artist, the gamer, the friend, the teammate, the boyfriend or girlfriend.  In each role we play, we adjust ourselves to fit with the circumstances or to fit with the expectations of those we interact with.

But Who are we really?

Are we the grades that show up on our school's online grade book?  Or the paycheck we get for busing tables?  Or the package of skin, blood, bones and hair we were born into?  Or the reflection we see in the mirror?

Are we the frustrated person slamming the door as we enter our rooms, closing out our parents or siblings?  Or the kid, psyched on the last day of school before winter break, on our way to hang out with friends?

Really, all that stuff is our superficial Self.  It is the part of us that is Reacting to the ingredients that make up our lives.

The core of Who We Are is really about How We Love.

And we are not referring to romantic Love, but instead to universal Love.  We are talking about the Love we feel for our dog or cat, or for our baby brother when he isn't pissing us off.

We are talking about the Love we feel when we are doing what we truly enjoy.  It is that sparkle we get during our musical performance when everything goes perfectly.  It is that zone we get into with our teammates during a winning game.  It is the thrill we get when we 'win' and move to a higher level on the game we like.

That universal Love is the Goodness we feel when we see beauty in a sunset or in a wall of fresh powder to ski on or in a plate of delicious dinner.

Notice what brings you those good feelings and that warmth in your heart.  Notice which ingredients in your life you are Responding to with Love and you will be closer to discovering Who You Really Are.

Be Well,


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