Thursday, January 3, 2013

Let Go & Start Anew

So ‘last year’ reading was a pain, and staying up with your reading assignments difficult. Or maybe you did poorly in your math class. At some point in October you felt lost with the Geometry/Algebra/Pre-Calc material and just never were able to catch up.
Now you have an opportunity to change it up, and figure out a new way to work through the classes that feel challenging. Maybe you have finals in January or are starting a new semester.
Either way, the first thing to do in an effort to change your school life is to change your thinking. If you can change your mind about Who you are, What you want, and How you plan to accomplish your goals, what felt hard last year will seem like a breeze.
Stop saying negative things about yourself! Stop going on and on about how much you hate math or you hate Mr. Soandso or reading the Odyssey is just stupid. Stop making excuses that validate your failures. Don’t argue for your limitations.
You are magnificent. You have so many talents and strengths. Just start with what you can do, or what you feel good at. Remember how fun it is to feel good about the tasks at school you enjoy.
Take that joy with you while you prove why two triangles are congruent. Find fun in the annotating you have to do for Romeo and Juliet. Reward yourself for finishing your homework or finals’ review early or on time.
When you are able to be kind with yourself around the classwork that feels hard or in which you struggle, the work will feel effortless…mostly…You get to choose to suffer in school or not.
Why not start this New Year off by deciding to just feel good when you do your work, no matter what?  See what is good in your schoolwork instead of what you hate, and you might find there are fewer things to be upset or worried about.
Change Your Mind and Change Your Life!

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